October 20, 2010

Proved Natural Gas Reserves: My Take

I read a post today by Russian Sphinx in which she used Tableau Public to visualize proved natural gas reserves. For this post, I thought I would create my own take on her visualization.
Improvements made include:
  • Making the views interactive -- You can filter each of the views or use the radio button to select a region. You can also use the highlighting feature of Tableau.
  • Changing the diamonds used to represent the countries to circles and colored them by region -- To me, the circles are "softer" to the eye.
  • Replaced the pie chart by region with a bar chart by region by country -- I also corrected the hierarchy in the data set.
  • Changed the color pallet for the regions to Tableau's standard color pallet
  • Added a note to the bottom to define "proved reserves"
I like how she included a link to the data source. I used that as well...thanks for the idea!