April 14, 2012

Join us for the next ATUG meeting–April 26th, 1-4pm @ Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern
1200 Peachtree NE, Peachtree Room - 2nd floor
Atlanta, GA 30309
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RSVP: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/usergroups/atlanta-apr26-12


  1. Blend This – Paul Lisborg, NetDirect
  2. Parameter Madness – Andy Piper, Newnan Utilities
    • Interactive Data Blending
    • Dynamic Path Coloration
    • Dynamic Table Creation

++ Bring your laptop with Tableau, because this will be a hands-on session. ++

For more information, please contact John Hoover.


  1. Any plans for a webinar ? if not, would you be posting the workbooks/content later on somewhere for us to access ?

  2. Ujval,

    We typically only have a webinar if the presenter is remote. This month both of our speakers will be there in person.

    If anything changes and we add a webinar, I will post it on this blog.


  3. Andy

    No problem - would you be posting the presentation materials for us to look at ? You have done it earlier and it has been a big help !

    Secondly, are you aware if the Tableau guys have their Barcelona materials up on the web somewhere ? I have been trying to hunt for it but no luck.

  4. As far as I know, the TCCEU materials have not been posted anywhere.

    The ATUG materials are housed on Dropbox.