April 20, 2012

Nielsen’s Advertising & Audiences Report – A poor infographic redesigned for simplicity

Nielsen published this infographic as part of their Advertising & Audiences Report:

Ok, Nielsen, I see that you’re trying to be cute. 

  1. You made an old fashioned TV the background image (which many young people won’t even recognize)
  2. You used blocks to represents a parts-to-whole relationship.  Maybe you used blocks so that children would be reminded of Legos.
  3. You chose background colors to remind us of how a TV would look when it had no signal way back when

But it’s all a bit too much for me.  I find myself trying to count each of the blocks.  My eyes are darting back and forth to the color legend.  The value labels sometimes don’t even line up with the associated color.

Are you getting consulting from David McCandless?  You must be! 

Simplify things.  Communicate more effectively.  Save yourself time.


This took all of 10 minutes in Tableau.  How long did it take you to create your infographic?  I bet significantly longer.