January 29, 2013

Alberto Cairo: Three steps to become a visualization/infographics designer (a Tableau version)

Two weeks ago, we had the huge honor of hosting Alberto Cairo at Facebook for our monthly Data Visualization Meet-up.  And wow was his presentation incredible!  People are still buzzing about it. 

Alberto did a wonderful job of taking us through the decision making processes he’s gone through during his years of creating visualizations and infographics for many media organizations.  One in particular that caught my attention was how he came about creating the cover for his book “the functional art”. 

Alberto walked us through the iterative approach he took to end up with the slope graph on the cover.  He sent me the data (which you can download here) so that I could emulate the design process in Tableau.  Using the “Next” buttons, you can navigate through his approach to see the story unfold.